Many years before any Cathedral was built the street where Brannigans pub now stands got its name from a very obscure source. Some 330 years ago Dublin’s very first Elephant lived on then Elephant Lane, now known as Cathedral Street. The animal used to be brought across the River Liffey to nearby Parliament Street where people would pay to see the animal in a viewing booth. Unfortunately on the 17th of June 1681, the poor beast died when the viewing booth caught fire causing the Elephant to perish. Dubliners from all over the city rushed to watch the fire and claim pieces of the charred Elephants remains. The owner of the Elephant tried his best to keep the onlookers away and contacted the nearby Royal College of Surgeons whom he sold the remains of the Elephant to. These doctors then undertook one of the first anatomy studies of an Elephant of its kind recorded in Ireland and England.