When the current owners, the McCormack family, bought the pub in the late nineties they decided to rename the pub after the famous or infamous local Garda (policeman) James Christopher Brannigan better known as ‘Lugs’ Brannigan. As well as serving in the Gardai for over 40 years, Brannigan was a distinguished boxer, boxing referee and to many a legend and part of Dublin mythology due to him dishing out his own form of justice and his close relationship with the local people on his beat.

Many a Dubliner who found himself fall foul to the law was given the option of being brought to the local Garda station and be booked or have it out man to man with ‘Lugs’. It became nearly a badge of honour in the Dublin underworld to earn a black eye from ‘Lugs’ Brannigan.

The McCormack family have kept up the pubs strong tradition with the GAA. The pub is not to be missed on an All-Ireland Sunday where Brannigans is the first port of call for the thousands of supporters who have made the train and bus journey from the four provinces of Ireland.