3 Must-Try Irish Craft Beers at Brannigan’s Pub

Are you a beer enthusiast seeking the perfect pint in the heart of Dublin? Look no further than Brannigan’s, our cosy family-run pub just off the iconic O’Connell Street. Known for our legendary pints of Guinness, we also take pride in offering a diverse selection of Irish Craft Beers, Whiskeys, and Gins. Today, let’s shine a spotlight on three fantastic Irish craft beers that are making waves on our menu.

What Are Craft Beers & What Sets Them Apart 

Let’s start with some context. Craft beers are a category of beer known for their artisanal approach to brewing, emphasising quality, flavour, and traditional brewing methods. What sets craft beers apart is the focus on creativity and innovation, often resulting in a diverse range of unique and distinctive flavours. Craft breweries are typically smaller, independent establishments prioritising craftsmanship over mass production.

 The brewing process involves carefully selecting high-quality ingredients, including malted barley, hops, yeast, and water. Craft brewers often experiment with different brewing techniques, speciality grains, and unique flavour additions, contributing to the richness and complexity of their beers. 

Choosing craft beers means opting for a more personalised and hands-on brewing experience, where each batch is crafted with passion and attention to detail. This emphasis on quality and variety has led to a vibrant craft beer culture, appealing to those who appreciate the artistry and diversity that craft brewers bring to the beer world.

Our Top 3 Irish Craft Beers You Should Try 

  1. O’HARA’S IRISH RED (€6.80)

Priced at a wallet-friendly €6.80, this nitro red ale offers a twist to your classic red beer. You’ll instantly recognise the fantastic flavours of O’Hara’s Irish Red, featuring trademark hints of sweet caramel and mild nutty biscuit, all enhanced by a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and a comforting, warming finish. 

Exclusive to draught, O’Hara’s Irish Red Nitro is the perfect companion for baked and roasted main courses, such as beef hotpot, and pairs wonderfully with winter soups. It also makes for a delicious accompaniment to mature cheddar or soft goat cheeses. 

  1. O’HARA’S IRISH PALE ALE (€6.80)

In a contemporary twist with an Irish touch, this IPA combines the best of both worlds—balancing the European IPA style with the abundant dry hopping characteristic of American pale ales (APAs). 

Priced at €6.80, this beer is everything an IPA should be and more. Its zesty and refreshingly bitter taste lingers, while the copper-toned body, lightly carbonated head, and intense aroma from dry hopping provide a lasting array of fruit and floral notes. Perfectly paired with BBQ, spicy foods, and shellfish, this IPA promises a delightful and flavorful experience. 


Bringing the Dublin vibes to your glass, Rascals Session IPA is a star from the Rascals Brewery. Priced at €7.00, this award-winning beer stands out with its vibrant hoppy notes. This fresh and tropical delight is a blissful concoction brewed with Citra T90, Galaxy, and Mosaic hop oils, ensuring an explosion of flavours. Upon the first sip, you’ll be greeted by the vibrant notes of fresh lychee and passionfruit, thanks to the intensity of hop oils in the brewing process. 

The ‘wow factor’ hits instantly, treating your senses to a burst of aroma and flavour. As you savour the brew, a crisp green grape and ripe lime finish leave a lasting impression, making our Session IPA a true hoppy delight. At a laid-back 4.4%, it’s the perfect beer for easy sipping and sharing and an absolute must for any can enthusiast looking to spruce up their session.

  1. Bonus – Our Forever Favourite 

If you’re not a fan of those bitter IPAs, there’s always our forever favourite: Guinness, our comfort food of beers. Dark, velvety pour with a creamy top, sipping it is like having a cosy, flavorful moment. It’s not all about hops; instead, you get this smooth, classic and almost chocolatey vibe. Whether you’re a beer expert or just trying things out, Guinness is always a warm and familiar choice, like a sip of Irish goodness. And we do know how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness.

Looking for Authentic Irish Craft Beers in Dublin?

Our warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with legendary pints, makes us a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just starting your journey, Brannigan’s is the place to explore the best of Irish craft beers.

Book a table or check out our menu – cheers to great company and unforgettable moments at one of Dublin’s oldest and most cherished pubs!